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Value Proposition

We are proud to announce the launch of Swipe, a semi-decentralized marketplace designed for both shoppers and sellers. Our team believes that by utilizing blockchain technology we can create an unbiased market with minimal fees and commissions, thus allowing buyers and sellers to meet on an equal playing field.

By utilizing cryptocurrency as our main form of payment on the platform, we are able to eliminate transaction fees that come from credit card companies and traditional banks. This also means that anyone can transact on Swipe without any bias or censorship.

Swipe too is committed to making environmentally conscious decisions, which is why we compensate for CO2 emissions that result from all orders transported. Whether an order is from third-party sellers or sold by us, every single order is CO2 compensated, free of charge, by us.

These are only some of our main goals moving forward, and we are committed to making an open marketplace- both for buyers and sellers alike. If any questions, concerns or ideas pop up at any time, feel free to contact us.